Our Church

Greetings and welcome to Christ the King Lutheran Church

Christ the King is a deeply Lutheran congregation, that is to say we are decidedly Christ-centered and joyfully recognize that the Lord still abides with His people, affording us the gifts that stem from His cross and empty tomb – namely, the forgiveness of sins, life and salvation. In a world that is increasingly profane we desire to be filled with God’s holiness – a gift of such remarkable value and substance that nothing else compares. Whereas we see the church in various quarters being unduly influenced by the world, like importing an entertainment style of worship, we recognize that the church has a culture all her own – a culture that is visible on Sunday morning. Christ the King Lutheran Church is, therefore, deeply liturgical.

We warmly embrace the pattern of worship that has come to us through two thousand years of church history. This worship (Divine Service) amplifies those principles, which are most true and most sturdy.

The liturgy and worship life at Christ the King amplifies the fact that the Son of God became man (Incarnation), that He perfectly fulfilled God’s Law in our stead, that He bore the sum total of humanity’s sin in His flesh on the cross and with His holy blood paid the full price for our salvation (Atonement), that He rose again from the dead, that He ascended into heaven and on the Last Day He will raise all the dead and will create a new heaven and a new earth, but that even now the crucified and risen Lord is among us, serving us with all the bounty of His death and resurrection.

Far from being stale or abstract principles, these truths are supremely applicable to our lives in this age and it is in looking at Christ that we discover what it is to be human. Our lives in this world are anchored in the crucified, risen and reigning Lord.

Quite simply, the whole life of Christ our King is savored and extolled in this place.

The result is a body of believers who cherish the Scriptures, the depth of our Lutheran teaching, and one another.