Mission & Purpose

“Feed my lambs”

commanded by Jesus to Peter. Embodied in Christian education is the need to assist parents in teaching children a saving faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Christ the King has dedicated teachers and staff who offer your children an enriching experience, and Christian environment whether it is through our preschool or a loving and secure after-school-care program.


Our trained staff will provide developmentally appropriate and challenging experiences and activities. These experiences and activities will enhance the child’s natural curiosity for exploration and learning. The environment will foster the child’s natural growth and development.


We recognize that each child is an individual who is each developing at their own pace. Our staff will guide and direct children’s behavior toward self-control and independence. Our program provides positive experiences to build confidence and self-esteem. Our staff encourages children in self-help skills to foster their independence.

In our Preschool & Toddler Programs

Christ the King students are given the opportunity to experience intellectual, physical, spiritual, emotional and social growth. Which includes:


•Bible Stories
•Art & Crafts
•Music & Movement
•Reading Readiness


Your children will enjoy our small classes and support facilities while gaining a positive self-image and loving attitude toward God, family and friends.


At Christ the King, we are preparing your children to meet the challenges of tomorrow with quality education in the classroom today. We deeply cherish your continued trust and confidence.


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Important Dates

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